About to burst #vegan

I am so full it hurts to move.

I visited http://www.peacefoodcafe.com/ this evening with a delightful vegan friend.  I would say I am vegan/vegetarian friendly but tend to eat whatever is in front of me, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy.

After a week of hamburgers and cupcakes at work, I thought I would try to round out my nutritional choices with a meal of deliberate, healthful ones.

I feel that I am very open-minded regarding dietary choices, but will have to say that most vegan/vegetarian restaurants I have visited tend to have grumpy, activist-oriented service (as in you will be berated if you try to pay with plastic), uninviting atmosphere, as well as not-so-interesting and over-priced menu items, e.g. tofu ten different ways.

However, Peacefood Cafe was quaint and enjoyable.  We had a table right in the window and a gregarious waiter.  I had a bowl of the best chili I have had in a long time and REAL cornbread – dry, crumbly and not sweet like cake.

I didn’t realize there was a vast dessert selection but my friend warned me to leave a little room.  We (along with our other dining companion) shared fabulously wonderful peanut chocolate “cheesecake,” chocolate cake bursting with bittersweet cocoa-ness, and a gi-normous carrot cake full of cinnamon, nutmeg and the like.  Needless to say we couldn’t finish it all, so I will be enjoying the rest tomorrow.  Or as soon as I find room!

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