The last two weeks were really hectic with work, as well as having friends in town from VA & FL.  So, my food supply was down to condiments and a few things leftover from a roommate who just moved out, e.g. bacon, which I never buy.

Grocery shopping finally made it on the priority list (after laundry, cleaning the bathroom, etc.).  I wandered into Trader Joe’s – which to be honest, isn’t really my favorite place for groceries – a little out of practice grocery shopping.  From afar, my eyes caught a package of fresh cut brussel sprouts.  I love brussel sprouts, I just never really know what to do with them besides drown them in garlic butter.  An easy recipe was posted by the sprouts – thank you TJ’s:

Brussel sprouts pre-seasoned with black pepper and sea salt. Saute with bacon.  Add Gorgonzola cheese.

Take that Rachel Ray!  3 ingredients, 10 minutes.  Delish!

I slid a few slices of bacon in a pan with some olive oil.  I dumped the brussel sprouts on top.  I put a lid over it to keep fat from crackling out.  I put it all in a bowl and sprinkled the cheese on top.  I let it sit for a few minutes, which turned the cheese into fluffy balls.  So good!

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