I’m not a huge Broadway fan (or JoBro fan) but I’ve been hearing rave reviews on Nick Jonas’ performance in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  So when a visiting friend suggested seeing the show and I found $40 tickets in the sixth row, off we went.

First, let me say that the boy has done some growing up!  Away from his brothers, he is still fully capable of commanding the stage.  Although his voice isn’t a full-throttled powerhouse of sound and depth (like his co-stars), he still managed quite comfortably.  He resonated enthusiasm with a touch of cockiness that especially suited his role as Finch.  Jonas added a touch of mischief to fully endear himself to the audience.

I found myself genuinely laughing at times – did I mention that I’m not really into musicals?

Jonas perfectly timed the “freeze/light bulb/aha” moments in the script, contorting his face into an array of expressions of contempt, conniving, confusion, etc.

The final musical number with its kick-line elevated the entire production into a full-blown lollapalooza of jazz hands, mega-watt smiles, and comedic relief.

Jonas has a home on Broadway.

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