SNL Adventures #StevenSpielbergSucks

What does a girl gotta do to get into SNL?

I know about the lottery but I didn’t know in August that I was going to be living in NYC in October!

I’ve had the privilege of attending a taping of Jimmy Fallon’s show, which to date, is one of the funnest things I’ve done in this city.  So, I figured SNL would be fun, too – if I could just get in!

In January 2011, a friend and I jumped in line around 4:45 am one Saturday.  We were #86 and #87.  Needless to say we did not get in to see Jim Carrey prance around in his Black Swan skit or hear The Black Keys.  Our Plan B was “to drown our sorrows in cupcakes” at Magnolia Bakery.  Plan B was enjoyable, but not as cool as Plan A.

A friend of mine was visiting NYC on her Spring Break this year, so I figured SNL would be a fun thing.  She’s usually up for anything, so we made our plan.  We went to Godspell (Hunter Parrish rocked!), had a great late night dinner at Mussel Pot, stopped by French Roast for a bottle of wine, went by my place to change into warm clothes and hopped into a cab to Rockefeller Center.  We were there by 3:45 am.  We were #54 and #55 in line.  Sheesh.

We hung out on the curb.  Made friends with some guy who dragged his cranky girlfriend along.  The food truck came by with waffles and hot chocolate.  We finally got our standby tickets and hightailed it back to my apartment for some sleep.

At 10:30 pm, we were standing in line again inside Rockefeller Center.  They took the first 30 people in line pretty quickly, so we were hopeful we might make it in, too.  We waited.  And waited.  At 11:15, Claire Danes strolled by.  At 11:20, Jason Segal lumbered through quickly followed by the adorably sexy Paul Rudd.  Half the cast of 30 Rock bounced through the line.  Steven Spielberg slunk by in a ratty baseball hat.

“Thanks for coming, that’s a cut.  Have a good night!”

Plan B was another drink at French Roast.

I heard Jonah Hill wasn’t that funny, either.

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