#AsYouLikeIt: Shakespeare in the Park

I see a lot of dance.  I see so much dance I have to take a break now and then to see a theater piece.  I just never know where to start.  I have just enough of my accountant father in me to refuse to pay more than $40 (and by $40 I mean $20) for anything.

Thanks to my new relationship with Twitter, The Public Theater reminded me that I could enter a daily drawing for tickets to As You Like It, its current Shakespeare in the Park production.  The first time I entered I was certain I would win the lottery.  Nope.  I decided to try again on Monday.  I was feeling especially rejection-sensitive so I decided that it would be my last try because I was not emotionally strong enough to deal with the roller-coaster of anticipation.  This is my life, for real.

At 1:30 on the dot, I got the news — two tickets, pour moi!

I quickly texted my theater-loving roommate and we had a date.  After work I sped uptown to pick up the coveted tickets.  The line for standby tickets wove through the park, no thank you!

While waiting for my roommate, I wandered through Belevedere Castle, which allowed a vantage point into the “backstage” area of the amphitheater, FYI.  I picked up a very generous glass of wine and off we went to our seats.  Another FYI, it can get a little chilly!  Bring a sweater or blanket.

We had great seats, F115 & 116.  Neither of us are huge Shakespeare fans, but I especially love Shakespeare when it is free, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and with a glass of wine.  Win+win+win!

A merry band of musicians cheerfully meandered throughout the insanity of Shakespeare’s tale of  evil Dukes, sibling rivalry, lost fortunes, the necessity of cross-dressing, and the negotiations of courtship.  The cast drolly stretched Shakespeare’s words for the most hilariously vulgar interpretations.  The characters spent a lot of time in the forest of Arden, perhaps too much time for me and my roommate, but the desperation of the situation clearly resounded.

Once all the lovers were reunited and/or revealed to each other, the full cast reveled in a square-dance finale.

I think it was the official start of summer for me.

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