Roommate Date: #FreeweekendattheMet

I’ve been in a bit of slump.  I drag myself to work, then the gym, then home where I watch the Real Housewives.  My roommates come and go while I cuddle with the couch in front of the AC.

The heat wave is killing me.  I take cold showers, I sleep on top of the covers with two oscillating fans…the Dog Days of Summer are taking over.

One of my favorite apps, Pulsd, informed me that it was Free Museum weekend for Bank of America and/or Merrill Lynch account holders.  I’ve been dying to go the Met rooftop, so I inquired as to my roommate’s banking services and we made a Saturday date.

I began my day with a Groupon treasure: massage, facial and pedicure at Queen Jane Day Spa.  I cannot get enough of that place.

I meandered over to the Met: ROOFTOP GARDEN CLOSED DUE TO HEAT.  Sigh.

My roomie and I split up, agreeing to meet in a couple hours at the Balcony Bar.  Museums give me such high anxiety and I finally realized why: there is stuff everywhere.  Sensory overload!  The ancient artifact areas really drive me nuts because it feels cluttered (no disrespect to Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations).  I’m an anti-clutter person.  The only thing(s) that should be on the counter-top is a coffee pot and/or toaster.  The only things on my desk are my computer, lamp, pencil and to-do list (I’m with Monica on the phone-pen business), and a glass of water.

I ended up in the modern/contemporary art exhibits with primarily paintings, photographs, and prints – a much more manageable area for me.  I loved Georgia O’Keefe’s Orchid, I know she’s a bit of a hot-button topic, so I will just say that I had a very real “moment” while looking at it.  I took a little detour through “Spain” before meeting my roommate in the Prada/Schiaparelli exhibit.  The exhibit features videos of the two designers in conversation and places designs of similar structure side-by-side for a little comparison/contrast.  The wall of shoes and headpieces killed me.  I realized that the only clothing I really love or care about are shoes.  I could be naked as long as I have fabulous shoes – don’t worry, I won’t be streaking any time soon.

Around 5 pm, the Balcony Bar overlooking the Great Hall hosts live music.  We wandered up, grabbed a table for two, and discussed the day’s art encounters.  FYI, the bar is a little over-priced and I inadvertently ordered a bottle of water from a rainforest so our two drinks + water came to $40.  We were enjoying free admission to the museum, so we just shrugged.

The finale to our museum date: riding the bus.  For whatever reason, NYC buses intimidate me.  When I lived in Boston, I rode the bus all the time, everywhere – #66/89/77 buses, holler!  Prior to this weekend, I rode a bus in Harlem for 10 minutes while I tried to figure out where I was.  However, the bus pulled up right in front of the Met and our feet were tired, so we hopped on.  We gossiped about Katie Holmes having moved into our neighborhood and a passenger informed us of her exact block.  Traffic picked up, so it was slow-going.  But, we got a nice tour the city and pretty much got off at our front door.  NYC cultural experience, check!

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