#PrayersforSandyHook: We are the World

A friend passed this link along for ways to support the grieving community of Newtown.

Photo by David Goldman
Photo by David Goldman

I called a local pizza place which is partnering with the Knights of Columbus in providing meals and resources for the community.  You can pay by check or charge.

This is so important; I have been the recipient of the support of communities-at-large and even though I was not able to personally thank the individuals who sent flowers, food, artwork, or donations it meant the world to me.

When you are in the middle of a violent, senseless tragedy you need to know that good still exists in the world.

When you receive cards, letters, and hugs from strangers, you are overwhelmed.  Love conquers all; love is the only thing that can attempt to help soothe the tremendous hurt you are experiencing.

Two of the most significant things I received as a student at Virginia Tech during the events of April 16th, 2007:

  • Women of the United Methodist Church knitted hundreds of prayer/blessing shawls and sent them to our campus.  Me and several of my girlfriends received these colorful, warm, handcrafted shawls that came with a prayer for blessing, hope, & recovery.  When I felt alone, I knew I could wrap myself in love and care from mothers & sisters across the nation.
  • Ben’s Bells: this organization left 32 bells hidden on our campus (one for each victim).  A friend found one and gave it to me.  She said when she saw it she knew that it was for me.  That bell is one of my most prized possessions.  The recipient is supposed to “pass a good deed” on.  That is how love works; it flows over and through you.  If you keep it for yourself, it languishes.  Love was meant to be given.

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