#playbyplay: what I’m seeing

ABT’s Onegin
So a few dreams came true at once.  I finally saw American Ballet Theatre live in action AND a full length production of John Cranko’s romantic ballet AT The Met.  My introduction to the ballet came from Laszlo Berdo (former Boston Ballet principal now teaching at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet).  Marcelo Gomez and Diana Vishneva played the leads brooding with the tension of missed connections and unfulfilled lives.  I was also excited to see James Whiteside (another former Boston Ballet dancer) in action – the man’s legs are ballet nirvana.  A phenomenal set and wholeheartedly danced, my Onegin experience was complete.  I only wish I had known about ABT’s 18/29 program which provides access to $30 tickets – a better deal than TDF.

Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park
Yes, I won the lottery!  Not the powerball mega-millions, but a delightful evening at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater to take in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson in a great cast.  Desperate Housewives fans will enjoy seeing Emily Bergl again.  A chorus of lindy-hopping jitterbugging dancers took the stage between scenes and they were incredible!  Also, check out Ferguson’s Tie the Knot campaign in support of LGBT rights.

Comedy of Errors
Comedy of Errors

The Joyce Theater’s Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Hubbard Street’s dancers superbly sailed across the stage, can I say that I was pleasantly surprised?!  I’m not sure why I was not looking forward to it, but they tackled an ambitious array of pieces in its multiple programs from choreographers Mats Ek, Aszure Barton, Alejandro Cerrudo, Ohad Naharin, etc.

NYCB’s All Robbins Program & Student Performance
Finally saw Sara Mearns in action in the school performance (my boss and I were invited as arts educators) presentation of Balanchine’s Serenade.  Yeah for approachable prima ballerinas!  Finally got to check out the Arts Series as well.

Introduced my boyfriend to the ballet with NYCB.  I love Robbins.  The boyfriend did okay – he perked up with Fancy Free.  God Bless Robbie Fairchild’s wardrobe malfunction with his split seam in his pants.

An Evening of One Acts
Went to support my roommate in her performance; a fun blackbox on 54th street my friends and I laughed along with humorous but very true plight of humanity.  The first act, featuring my roomie and another male actor, consisted of them going through all the post-it notes a couple had left for each other throughout their life.  Have you ever thought about all the notes (or texts) you have left for someone?  How about the “I should have known” feeling while reading through old texts/emails from an ex-boyfriend…very enlightening.  The second act, featured a scene common to many a New Yorker, that of “waiting on line.”  The line becomes a source of alliances, flirtation, and all out fights.

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