Hold on to what is good – even if it is a handful of earth.

Hold on to what you believe – even if it is a single tree standing alone.

Hold on to what you must do – even if it is hard and far away.”
~Pueblo Indian saying

Today’s closing mantra in my 7:15 AM (yes, you read that right) yoga class. The clarity that comes from simple breath and movement is incredible, even if interrupted by hiccups…

At the start of class, we were asked to think of three things that make us happy and three things for which we’re grateful. I just returned from a trip home where I was reminded, “there aren’t a lot of families like yours, where you all genuinely love and like each other.” I am so thankful for my family and for how my parents dedicated themselves to making sure we always felt loved and special. That doesn’t happen by accident or for everyone.

I’m incredibly grateful for good health. This has been on my mind because several members of my family recently devoted themselves to taking care of themselves – my 90+ grandmother even started taking an exercise class at her community center. Go, Grandma!

Speaking of health, tonight’s ABC Extreme Makeover (8pm EST) features a member of my incredible Boston Ballet family. I met Jami in 2007 as a first year RA with the ballet’s summer program. Jami had already been with the program several years and decorated every inch of her room, hallway, and residents’ lives. I think I gave my girls a granola bar as welcome…and maybe a subway map.

Although I don’t know her extremely well, we share “ballet children” and the desire to support these young kids in achieving their dreams. The ballet life is immensely challenging and dancers need people in their life to encourage and be real with them. The reality of the studio easily overcomes the reality of the world (and life in general).

Jami has been painfully honest and vulnerable in her journey. It has been an inspiration to see some of the process of her huge decision to change her life. Visit her blog, http://jamiwitherell.com/.

This is what our world needs right now: to know that there is good, to believe in it, and to continually seek after it.

Congratulations, Jami. I’ll be rooting for you on my couch tonight. So excited to see your journey unfold. Today’s mantra is dedicated to you.

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