Lady Liberty


Statue of Liberty

I usually try to avoid the super-touristy NYC activities such as Times Square at all times, Midtown, the DASH store, etc.  I save trips to the Empire State Building, Serendipity, and the Highline for friends’ visits.

However, when I saw a quick link at tickets to the newly reopened Statue of Liberty weeks or months ago, I thought, “hey, you need to do that.”  Especially, since a family trip when I was ten years old included a visit to Ellis Island and a ferry ride around Lady Liberty’s island home but not an actual visit to the Statue of Liberty.  This was the family trip that my mother insisted we all wear matching red shirts from our hometown so that when I got lost she could give an exact description to the police.  I didn’t realize I held on to that disappointment all these years of not visiting the statue.

Also, at work, as I helped build a Study Unit plan and materials based around Ellis Island and film-maker/choreographer Meredith Monk’s work there hands-on visit was long over-due.

I never make plans very early in advance, but I’m glad I did since tickets to the crown are now sold-out months in advance.  I appreciate the limited tickets, though, because it keeps the experience enjoyable since there aren’t hundreds of people jammed into the small spaces with you.

I had no idea how small the double-helix spiral staircase would be!  My boyfriend and the security guard were not impressed with my flowing BCBG pants or three inch wedge sandals – but I powered through!  It was a workout.  It was awesome – you are inside her face!

Things to know:

-it’s a workout
-get your tix HERE
-it doesn’t take that long; I thought we would be there hours but from Battery Park to the island and back was 90 minutes or so-ferries run every fifteen minutes
-Battery Park is a lovely place to hang out, have a picnic or a drink
-if you take the #1 train to South Ferry you need to be in the first five cars! Yikes
-you can’t take food or drinks on to the ferry but you can buy them (I had to toss my barely drunk red-eye in the trash)
-you can only take your wallet and a camera into the statue but they have lockers ($2) for you to store your stuff (like your boyfriend’s ginormous camera bag)
-do not bring small children into the statue, it’s a lot of stairs and not a lot of room should they need to diaper change or throw a tantrum

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