“I am Thankful for My Body” Warm-up Song

Teaching self-esteem with and for the body!

Becca Beck

Honest–Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think its simplicity and positive message is what draws me to it (the food doesn’t hurt either!). How lovely to ritually sit down with family and friends and share our gratitude aloud.

I adore asking my students, “What are you thankful for?” They give the traditional answers: mommy, daddy, a beloved toy, macaroni and cheese. And sometimes they give these answers that make you want to cry, such as: “I’m thankful for my teachers” and “I’m thankful for sharing with my friends.”

I decided I wanted to add something to their thankful list: gratefulness for their own body. I thought what a great time to sneak a little body self-esteem into my lessons! So I made up a song about parts of our body and how we are grateful for the neat things they let us do. We did this song in a circle…

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