A new kind of candy corn


Pumpkin Spice lattes. Pumpkin cheesecake. Butternut Squash bisque.


Candy. Candy. Candy.

I’ve not been one to flip out over “seasonal” foods because I don’t really enjoy them.  My body definitely does not enjoy processing them.  I began more fully appreciating fall once I began eating more seasonally, with the help of food co-ops like Farmigo.  The commitment to eating locally and seasonally creates a definite excitement (with an occasional quandary) for menu planning.  For instance, who knew how yummy parsnips can be?  I didn’t even really know what they were until a bundle of them arrived in my weekly share.

Halloween, however, presented a challenge.  I’m not the health freak always pointing out calories and nutrition facts to my friends.  I’m the person trying to have fun with everycandy-corn-social-726x960one else during festive times of the year – in a way that works for me.

So, I was delighted when I found this Candy Corn smoothie recipe.  I looked forward to my Saturday morning to whip it up for some fall fun.

Disclaimer: staying on point with recipes is a challenge for me.

For my version:

  1. I added some coconut milk – a treat!
  2. I also used some water with the carrot and then strained the pulp out – but that affected my layering abilities as the carrot juice went straight to the bottom.  Which is probably why the recipe suggested using frozen ingredientsIMG_5270 (1) so each layer would have enough substance to support itself – the trick!
  3. Also, my apple wasn’t peeled so the skin added what look liked pink sprinkles.
  4. Cut the apple before you freeze it – trick.
  5. I didn’t rinse the blender between my carrot and mango layers (yes, I substituted mango for pineapple) so I ended up with varying shades of orange rather than orange and yellow.
  6. I didn’t have camu camu on hand so I added a couple drops of lemon essential oil but am definitely curious to test out camu camu.
  7. Delicious though! A dreamsicle treat.

Also, candy corn is a nostalgic topic for me.

When my now-deceased Great Aunt was going through some health issues, we knew she was on the mend temporarily as she still kept track of the seasons by her sweet tooth. She couldn’t remember to call it “candy corn” and simply demanded “I want some corn” one day.  That’s how we knew her therapy was working; she got her sass and seasonal orientation back.

I don’t have her genes and didn’t inherit my love of wellness from her since her entire apartment was always filled with cookies, cakes, and candy.  She was a little doll of a lady, about 4’10” and about 100 lbs. dripping wet.  She wore pencil skirts, blouses, stockings and heels for just about every occasion.  Her last meal on earth inadvertently was a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  A nurse begrudgingly gave it to her after a litany of complaints (perhaps better read as “threats to sue the hospital”).  But as one family member pointed out, “You know if you’ve survived the Great Depression, lost a fiance to undiagnosed PTSD, and lived to 93 years old you can eat ice cream whenever you want.”

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