Personal, small group, and virtual Pilates training accommodates every lifestyle, in every stage of life. Virtual training is not meant to completely replace in-person education, but to make it possible to maintain and elevate one’s practice. Virtual and/or personal Pilates training allows your home workout to be more personalized than doing the same workout video or stock workout app. Maybe you’re not ready to walk into a studio class as a total newbie to Pilates; maybe, you’re a stay-at-home or single parent with nap time as your only available time for exercise; or, maybe, you’re a Pilates regular with a hectic schedule that rarely coincides with class schedules in your community. Either way, take an hour for your mind and body.

About Instructor

Melia’s background as a high performance athlete and dancer led her to Pilates to maximize physical capacity while simultaneously rehabbing physical imbalances and injuries.

Her teaching philosophy focuses on precision and incremental gains per the individual. She recognizes that each body has a unique physical history; she seeks to empower the individual in creating a sustainable physical practice to live a holistically-centered life.

She studied various dance, Pilates, and somatic movement styles, and completed instructor training in Stott Pilates (Merrithew International). She previously worked at Boston Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Miami City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and The Joyce Theater in dance education.